Esquire Will Sell You Furniture

Men’s lifestyle magazine Esquire has slapped its brand sticker on a bunch of furniture that is now available for purchase at Esquire Home Furniture and Accessories. The project is a collaboration with Halo Group, Asia Minor and Go Home.
From the website, which reminds us of that fictional catalog from the computer game The Sims:

Esquire Home extends Esquire magazine’s philosophy of “Man at His Best” –a lifestyle focused on comfort, luxury, and sophistication — into a unique furniture collection with the same attention to detail as a custom-made suit. Esquire has already familiarized you with the man of style. Now meet his furniture.

The pieces have special names: the “Whiskey Collins” (“Editor’s Choice”; pictured) is a big leather chair; the “Sidecar” is like a little closet that sits next to a sofa; the “Boilermaker” is an ottoman. You can look at the catalog here.
(h/t minOnline)