Esquire Wades Into Mobile Waters

esquire.jpgHot on the heels of many Ellie-nominated magazines going mobile, Esquire recently launched its own mobile Web site, located at

“The jury is out on how people will use their phones,” Esquire editor-in-chief David Granger said in an interview with min online. “Since the technology is available and we have certain aspects that can be truly useful or entertaining, it was a good move to move into mobile.”

Meanwhile, min/min’s b2b digital media editor Steve Smith found the site to be surprisingly entertaining: “One of the things that Esquire Mobile taps is our taste for browsing content on a handset,” Smith said. “In its jokes database, style notes, and even its 70 Greatest Sentences (from Capote to Styron), the site parses the content down to bite-size chunks but also lets users drill endlessly into them. You keep getting pulled in for just one more quote, one more clever rule, one more obscure drink recipe.”

Can Esquire Bring Civilization to Mobile? [min online] (Temporary free link)

Can Esquire Bring Civilization to Mobile? [min online] (Permalink, reg req’d)