Esquire Malaysian Edition To Launch In Spring 2011

Today, Hearst Magazines International announced its plans to launch a Malaysian edition of Esquire in the spring of 2011. The new edition will be published through a partnership with Mongoose Publishing, the “fastest growing media house” in Malaysia. This will mark the 22nd international edition of the iconic men’s magazine and will debut with a circulation of 30,000 copies, a minimum of 164 pages per issue and a cover price of RM1. The debut will apply to related web, digital magazine and mobile platforms in Malaysia.
We asked the folks at Esquire whether, given Malaysia’s history of censorship for print publications, they would self-censor or keep their content, including photo spreads of models and celebrities, more conservative than, say, those found in the U.S. version of Esquire.
Responds HMI president/CEO Duncan Edwards:

All international editions of Hearst titles are edited locally and are designed and written for the cultural norms of the country in which they are published. Much of the Esquire content will be international but a good proportion will be local.