Esquire Magazine Has a Cold

Of a kind that is common when a new editor like Jay Fielden takes charge.

EsquireSinatraCoverThe good news is that it’s strictly a common cold, of a kind that occurs when the managerial temperature of a brand like Esquire suddenly changes. The main symptom is an uptick in the usual ebb and flow of staffers joining and exiting the publication.

Here’s the diagnosis from Esquire, in the form of a statement provided to FishbowlNY today by a magazine spokesperson: “Jay [Fielden] is building his team at Esquire, hiring outstanding journalists and editors as he re-imagines the brand for an ambitious new era.” (Our Adweek colleague Emma Bazilian also today has a Q&A with Fielden.)

And here’s how departed Esquire senior editor Ross McCammon, via Twitter in late March, appeared to frame his own exit:

Terms for being fired in descending order of dignity:

Disenjobbed (new)
Pushed out
Laid off
Let go

Around the time of McCammon’s tweet, we reported that Esquire fashion editor Wendell Brown was moving over to The Daily Beast. Also at new homes now are former art director Stravinski Pierre (Elle) and one-time associate editor Anna Peale (GQ).

Expect to hear news of several more Esquire editorial departures in the coming weeks.

Update (June 2):
GQ announced today that McCammon will be joining the publication June 13 as senior editor, working with Nick Marino on the GQ Manual section as well as overseeing service packages relating to cars, travel, style and other topics.

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