‘Esquire’ Fans Feel Like Manly Men

Magazine is giving guys what they want on female-skewing Facebook

Facebook’s user base skews female, but try telling that to Esquire. The Hearst Magazines monthly has embraced the social network, and in a big way–it cranks out nearly a dozen messages a day, eschewing the less-is-more industry rule of thumb.

“A failing for Facebook [marketers] has been the ability to fully capture younger male consumers in the newsfeeds,” explained Matt Sullivan, Esquire’s Web director. “Every day, guys are inundated with [kid] photos or pictures from sorority girls they knew in college but don’t care about anymore. We are feeding them great content, showing them what we stand for. If it feels like we post a lot but it balances out all the baby shower photos, all the better.”

Esquire might be on to something. This past year, its fan base swelled 248 percent to 159,000, and referral traffic from Facebook to Esquire.com shot up 425 percent.

Surprisingly, Esquire isn’t relying heavily on pics of scantily clad women for those numbers; they make up less than 5 percent of the magazine’s messages. Instead, most of the posts consist of pieces from writers like political blogger Charles P. Pierce and style and lifestyle content (like a recipe for “a strong-as-hell Manhattan”).