Esquire, Ethan Hawke and delicious little soups

Update: Esquire party details! (Which had nothing to do with Details except that Dan Peres is on the Public Theater’s “Late Night” fundraising team). Anyhoo, enjoy!

Ethan Hawke needs a shampoo.jpg Last nightweek Fishbowl attended the “Esquire Downtown” benefit for The Public Theater, and rubbed elbows with the likes of Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rosie Perez, Cynthia Nixon, Ethan Hawke, Jeffrey Wright (who is AWESOME), Stephen Adly Gurgis and Billy Zane. We actually literally rubbed their elbows, which is why they asked us very nicely to leave. No, actually, we literally rubbed elbows because it was quite crowded, with all sorts of fabulous and attractive people plus many waiters carrying delicious cocktails and yummy appetizers, like the above-mentioned little soups, a creamy butternut squash with a chunk of delightfully strong cheese (bleu maybe?) and a walnut. Our bouches were amused.

More importantly, the party also featured a number of sporadically-staged readings around the giant Esquire apartment (see Cynthia Nixon on the right), whichCynthia_Nixon.jpg featured interior decoration by a number or artistes who obviously didn’t underestimate the importance of being surrounded by Bloomberg screens. We’ll have a full report on the event (we met David Granger — he was so nice!) but it’s late and your weekend has already started. So – enjoy this photo of Ethan, remind yourself not to stint on the bleu cheese and enjoy your weekend. We’ll have full deets and more pics very soon!

UPDATE: Full deets and pics after the jump, as promised!

“Esquire Downtown” is the mag’s full-scale ridiculous wraparound apartment on Astor Place, done up all fancy by a whole bunch of designers. It was seriously chock-a-block with people, and we felt a little goofy hauling out our camera, but we did it because that’s the kind of service Fishbowl offers, dammit. That and tasting the food; in addition to the delicious little soups (we had three) there were also these yummy duck pat&#233 things, frothy fruity drinks (but in a very masculine, Esquire-type way), two bars and plentiful passed cocktails for alternatives to frothy/fruity, and a profusion of chocolate-on-chocolate cupcakes for dessert. I may have had three of those, too.

Media boldfacers in attendance: Esquire‘s David Granger, EIC (as mentioned); David Curcurito (Design Director), senior editor David Katz, lots of people on the ad side (a few in from California, I met Peter and Zach, I think) and publisher Kevin O’Malley . Also Vanity Fair contributor Vicky Ward, and former MB EIC and FishFriendForever Elizabeth Spiers, and writer and fledgling blogger Nick Seaver, who described Canadians as “the closest-knit ethnic group in New York” (he’s married to one. Smart man!).

Okay! So, after being welcomed by Katz, our charming and delightful host, we wandered around and checked out the decor. As mentioned, it erred on the side of the, er, bachelor. Check it out here with our little comments. Everything needs a women’s touch!

Esq. 006.jpg The bedroom, or, as I’m sure someone would like to call it, “The Lair of Sweet, Sweet Love.” Actually it’s technically the guest bedroom and bath, but ooh baby don’t it feel like the master? I dug the theatricality of the sparkly beaded curtain behind the bed; I think it would creep me out to actually be taken here by a hopeful paramour (a thousand men with Fishbowl bookmarked just regretfully resolved to take down their sparkly beaded curtains). Upshot: Very “American Psycho.” Oh look, they’ve actually got that book displayed for our edification (also “Luna Park” also by Brett Easton Ellis and a Helmut Newton book). Most hilarious detail: a bedside pad with the artfully-scrawled note: “Call your agent!” Hee.

The pink book propped up in the bathtub? “Valley of the Dolls.” NoteEsq. 007.jpg nearby Bloomberg screen, for when you NEED TO KNOW how the market’s doing. I think a performance took place in the bathroom, actually; oh, yes, but in the other bathroom, unpictured. It was the bathtub scene from “The Big Funk” by John Patrick Shanley, directed by Leigh Silverman.

Esq. 009.jpgMore Bloomberg screens! There were little ones built into the bookshelves in the study, and scattered around the place. In a little alcove across from the master bedroom’s walk-in closet we found a little computer screen — internet access! We looked across the way; Ethan Hawke was chatting with someone and pretending not to notice us. Sneakily, stealthily, we set the monitor to Fishbowl. We’re sure there was a stampede to check it out following our departure. Guerilla marketing, Fishbowl style! We will not be ignored.

Esq. 036.jpgNot the best photo but once again we were too scared to use the flash. We so do not have that paparazzi bug. But still, note the plush white carpet on the white marble floor, the gleaming silver-accented pool table within what is generally a sumptuously-appointed room. Just look at how those two fetching young ladies are eating it up. And, of course, there were the views: the whole place had a view. We just think it’s sad that nobody actually lives there. We’d do it, Esquire! We like to help. Stock the fridge with mini-soups and we’re yours.

Update: We just learned that the food was by Danny Meyer, of MoMA Modern fame, who launched his new catering company, Hudson Yards Catering, exclusively at Esquire Downtown. Thanks for the soup, Danny!

Here’s the performance programme:


7:45pm in The Game Room– Anika Noni Rose performing the musical number
“The Lowdown Down” from THE WILD PARTY (written by Michael John
LaChiusa) directed by George C. Wolfe

8:00pm in The Great Room– Cynthia Nixon performing monologues from A
BRIGHT ROOM CALLED DAY (written by Tony Kushner) directed by Jo Bonney

8:15pm in The Master Bedroom– Rosie Perez performing a scene from THE
MARRIAGE OF BETTE AND BOO (written by Christopher Durang) directed by
Peter Dubois

8:30pm in The Master Bath– The bathtub scene from THE BIG FUNK (written
by John Patrick Shanley) directed by Leigh Silverman

8:45pm in The Game Room– Stephen Adly Guirgis directing a scene from
THE LAST DAYS OF JUDAS ISCARIOT (written by Stephen Adly Guirgis)

9:00pm in The Great Room– Ethan Hawke performing a scene from TALK
RADIO (written by Eric Bogosian) directed by Jo Bonney

9:15pm in The Great Room– Billy Porter at the piano performing “And the World Goes Round” from the eponymous musical by Kander and Ebb. I’d actually never heard that song; it strongly reminded me of “Funny Honey” from “Chicago.” R (Directed
by Leigh Silverman.