Esquire’s Pierce: Go on, Guzzle the Antifreeze!

Charles P. Pierce, Esquire magazine’s politics blogger, has been running a recurring feature lately called “Things in Politico That Make Me Want to Guzzle Antifreeze.” In the feature Pierce takes a story from Politico and criticizes the reporting for essentially not being bitchy and liberal enough.

For example, Politico‘s Jake Sherman wrote a story in late July about the support Rep. Michele Bachmann‘s (R-Minn.) still has in her home district despite facing national criticism. In the piece, Sherman cites a Bachmann supporter who said “he believes President Obama vacations on Martha’s Vineyard [are] to observe the Islamic holiday of Ramadan.” Pierce wrote sarcastically, “I don’t live all that far from the Vineyard, and I’ve never noticed the annual hajj that apparently takes place there. I am glad that the reporter cleared that last part up, though.”

After citing the Bachmann supporter, Sherman included the line, “Obama is a Christian.” But Pierce is apparently upset Sherman didn’t opt to punch the man in the face for incorrectly believing Obama is a Muslim.

In his latest threat to poison himself with antifreeze…Pierce criticizes a story by Politico‘s Maggie Haberman. The story weighs the pros and cons of Massachusetts Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren speaking at the Democratic National Convention. Haberman got comments from Democratic Governors Assoc. Executive Director Nathan Daschle, Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas and Warren Spokeswoman Julie Edwards, among others. Yet, Pierce accuses Haberman of “chiming in on… how bad it may be for the Democrats” to allow Warren to speak.

Pierce’s problem, actually, is not Haberman’s reporting, but that there might actually be a downside to letting Warren speak at the convention. He’s Warren’s No. 1 fan.

In a previous post criticizing NBC’s Luke Russert — who, unlike Haberman, actually has offered a negative opinion about Warren speaking at the convention — Pierce described Warren as an “enormously charismatic woman whose work is at the core of the nation’s fundamental economic debate.”

Warren is credited for originally delivering the speech that inspired Obama’s “you didn’t build that” gaffe; the gaffe that Republicans, weeks later, are still using against Obama. Warren has laso made kooky claims about her heritage and cited a cookbook she edited as evidence if her Native American heritage. The cookbook: “Pow Wow Chow.” That sounds like plenty of reason to analyze the negatives of having Warren speak at a Party’s national convention.

To Pierce: Politico is a news and analysis publication, not a flashy version of  The Nation. Stop blogging your threats to commit suicide every time you disagree with their reporting. There’s a confidential lifeline for that.

Neither Pierce nor Haberman responded to request for comment.