ESPN’s Skip Bayless Pwned by Colleague Jalen Rose on National TV

Sorry for the poor video quality, but this is too great not to post. If you can’t tell by humiliated look on the normally shameless Skip Bayless’ face, there’s a backstory to this squabble with colleague Jalen Rose. The origins of the confrontation began a few weeks ago, when Bayless boasted on Twitter that he was a high school basketball star in his native Oklahoma and the second coming of “Pistol” Pete Maravich. (Well, arguably the origins of this conflict began years ago when Bayless, who never played NBA ball, decided to begin unmercifully criticizing NBA players in the most petty self-serving ways imaginable. But we digress.)

Only problem? Reality. And the Internet. The Oklahoma City blog Lost Ogle did some digging and found out that Bayless never started on his high school team. At least not on the varsity squad. Bayless played JV ball his junior year and averaged 1.4 points per game on varsity his senior year. The story broke yesterday and gained enough steam (propelled by a nearly universal dislike of Bayless) that Rose obviously got wind of it. Hence the great “Water Pistol Pete” reference. We may never again witness Bayless so humbled. Savor this day, consumers of sports media.

H/T Deadspin