ESPN Tweeted About Fidel Castro’s Love for Sports and Regretted It

Stick to your day job, ESPN.

Lately, many Americans have been forced to consider the actions of one Fidel Castro.

In an historic move, President Obama went to Havana over the weekend — a first for any U.S. president in almost nine decades (that’s President Calvin Coolidge, kids).

He didn’t go to lounge on the beach and smoke illegal Cubanos. He is there to strengthen relations with the Cuban government and open up trade negotiations, which would help both economies significantly. The reason relations were rocky in the first place was because of the aforementioned Marxist psycho who led a country-wide revolution in 1959.

Many compare the former president and prime minister of the country with people like Joseph Stalin and Che Guevara.

However, ESPN connected the dots between the Cuban Missile Crisis and President Obama’s journey to the Pearl of the Antilles, and praised the man’s love for sports. Wait, what?! 

See there? Wasn’t that sweet?

The man was a vicious dictator who used the military for his tyrannical misgivings, has been accused of genocide, and threatened the United States in a game of chicken with intercontinental ballistic missiles. But hey, the dude loves athletics.

ESPN deleted the tweet after social media gave the company a good scolding. Let’s enjoy, shall we? BTW, the tweet is related to a full puff piece on Fidel Castro, which as of this posting, is still onlineAnd then, this happened:

Get that? “Our bad.” Stay classy, ESPN. On with the show…