ESPN SportsCenter Announces Relaunch With Shareability Parkour Video

Promises viral hits

To herald ESPN's new format for SportsCenter, the network tapped video agency Shareability to use its formulas to create an online hit.

"Along with those efforts we wanted to find a more lighthearted and shareable way to depict the SportsCenter journey. We constantly come back to the question: Would sports fans want to tell their friends about this? We believe this video answers that question with a resounding yes,” Tim Hubbell, ESPN's director of brand marketing, said.

ESPN said its interest was piqued after it saw the Los Angeles-based company's Spiderman Parkour video, so it asked the star Ronnie and his team to execute something similar on its Bristol, Conn. campus. The video was released on YouTube on Monday.

Shareability focuses solely on creating viral clips for brands. While it's hard to guarantee that something will get millions of views, the agency is confident that it knows the difference between simple, decent content and something that people will want to post for all their friends to see. Shareability co-founder Cameron Manwaring said it all boils down to what the video is about and a strategic distribution plan.

"When you are competing with over 200,000 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every day, there is no way around it," Manwaring said. "However, we do our best to cater to the needs of the viewer first and then focus on the goals of the brand. We find that when this happens, everything else falls into place."

ESPN will also be touting the updated version of the 35-year-old show with other videos, including clips of its anchors reviewing old segments they hosted and a This is SportsCenter ad featuring the new set which poking fun at a the idea of a universal remote.

"At ESPN we are always looking for new ways to connect with our fans in the places where they congregate," Hubbell said.