ESPN Reveals the Identity of Katy Perry’s Left Shark

With a bit of extra PR spin!

If you’re like us and you spend every waking moment online, you’ve about had it with the “left shark” memes. (There are way too many joke accounts out there, and The New Yorker even weighed in.)

Today, however, we got what we are fairly certain will be the last meme-jacking project, distributed by ESPN’s internal PR team to promote SportsCenter with creative work by ad agency Wieden+Kennedy:

That was pretty funny.

The best part, though, is the last line of the release we got this morning:

“Shark costumes designed by Katy Perry, Baz Halpin and Marina Toybina.”

We know a couple of people who would strongly disagree. First among them is Christopher Sprigman, who represents Fernando Sosa, or the sculptor who actually designed the costumes. The letter he wrote to Perry’s lawyer in the wake of a lawsuit demanding that everyone stop violating her intellectual rights by selling shark gear is a must-read:

We encourage everyone to read the whole thing, but these lines are worth singling out:

“We…wonder what Katy Perry could possibly stand to gain from declaring war on an internet meme, but that’s her business…please tell me why you think the Left Shark costume should be treated differently.”

Left Shark really is misunderstood after all! Safe to say the spin does not hold up in this case.

(Pic via David J Phillip/AP)