This NFL Owner Was a ‘Reporter’s Dream’

DonVanNattaJrTwitterProfilePicDon Van Natta Jr.’s latest long-read is another winner. Cleverly Texas-titled “Jerry Football,” the ESPN magazine feature article goes deep in an effort to understand what makes Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones tick.

Forbes blogger Eric Jackson has followed up with Van Natta Jr. (pictured) to get some insight about the Jerry Jones reporting process. The senior ESPN writer told Jackson one aspect of the mission made it easy:

“When you ask Jerry Jones a question, you get a gusher of words (and sometimes emotions) delivered in an unfiltered way,” says Van Natta Jr. “In that respect, he’s a reporter’s dream.”

“In his bid for the Dallas Cowboys to win another Super Bowl, Jones is motivated, in part, by still having something to prove. That’s what makes Jones’ story so compelling. He’s a fabulously wealthy, 71-year-old man who has achieved nearly everything, but something is still missing: the respect of his peers as a savvy general manager.”

When Van Natta Jr. first met with Jones in May for the piece, he told the owner that he would be “tough but fair.” A summertime of probing questions later, the NFL owner paid the writer a great compliment just two days before article publication. Read that and the rest of Jackson’s Q&A here.

[Photo via: @DVNJr]

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.