A Wicked Ironic ESPN Magazine Cover?

Patriots fans likely to read the cover line a little differently.

When the ESPN assignment desk last fall tweeted a request to Patriots fan Bill Lacey to use footage of Tom Brady wrapping up a four-game NFL suspension with an Under Armour commercial shoot at Milton Academy, this was Lacey’s response:

It was the same story more recently when ESPN queried another Patriots supporter for permission to share a photo snapped on the Nantucket ferry of coach Bill Belichik napping alongside girlfriend Linda Holliday:

These and many other Patriots fans blame ESPN for over-inflating the Deflategate controversy and keeping the story front and center. Sort of like the way the mainstream media treated Donald Trump during the Republican primaries.

All of which, suggests NESN’s Mike Cole, will add up to a lot of New England chuckles when the new issue of ESPN The Magazine, featuring the cover line “Brady’s Revenge,” circulates this weekend. As in, “How do you like them particular-set-of-skills apples, ESPN!?!”