The Time ESPN Stoked Tyson Chandler’s Fear of Heights

ESPN magazine deputy photo editor Nancy Weisman recalls a very scary "Body Issue" location.

The latest ESPN The Magazine “Body Issue” is on newsstands starting today. It’s the seventh for the publication’s deputy photo editor Nancy Weisman, who has been working on the popular annual showcase since it launched in 2009.

For the 2015 edition, golfer Sadena Parks posed in 109-degree weather on a course in Scottsdale. But as Weisman wrote this week, the most memorably challenging shoot circumstances occurred a few years earlier:

Our location for the Tyson Chandler 2012 shoot was a residence in Topanga Canyon outside Los Angeles. The drive up a two-mile dirt road on the edge of a cliff was so scary, I actually had to get out of the car and walk to the location. When Chandler’s agent from New York arrived, she also appeared on foot – crying and scared to death. “I am not happy!” she exclaimed. “Tyson is not coming here!”

Ten minutes later, Chandler’s SUV limo rolled up. He was so rattled he had to lean against a wall until he could get his legs to stop shaking. He told me he was afraid of heights and was plotting how he would have to pull his wife and himself out of the moving vehicle should it start to fall off the edge of the cliff. We all finally got ourselves together and came away with breathtaking images.

Maybe that’s why later that same year, Chandler showed no hesitation when Jonah Ballow of asked what his worst fear was. The good news for the 7’1″ center is that his new professional home is as flat as a pancake.