ESPN Facebook Game Gets 350,000 Players In 2 Weeks

The ESPN Sports Bar and Grill application already has more than 350,000 players after launching two weeks ago on Facebook.

Finally, sports fans have a social game worth playing on Facebook: ESPN has teamed up with Samsung and Disney-owned Playdom Online Games to create the Sports Bar and Grill application.

The game was launched just over two weeks ago and already has more than 350,000 monthly active users.

It uses the FarmVille-style of casual gaming, letting fans run their own virtual sports bar and grill with all the day-to-day management duties expected from a real one.

Along the way, players must win over loyal customers, decorate the walls with sports paraphernalia and show simulated live and on-demand games on their flat-screen TVs.

ESPN also provides real-time scores and news, and ESPN Radio can be turned on in the game.

You can interact with friends and must complete challenges to move forward in the game. The more patrons you serve and keep happy, the bigger the buzz, popularity and success of the bar and grill.

As more money is brought in, the bar expands and gets flat-screen TVs, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, posters, signs, arcade games, sports memorabilia, tables, chairs, bar stools and more.

This is ESPN’s second social game. The so-called wideworld leader in sports launched ESPNU College Town last September, also in collaboration with Playdom.

In this game, fans build their own university and recruit the best athletes to challenge their rivals in the game, which has more than 560,000 monthly users.

Readers, have you tried either of ESPN’s games on Facebook?