ESPN Announces Lay Offs

ESPN is cutting its staff for the first time since 2009, reports Deadspin. One tipster indicated more than 400 staffers were going to be impacted but a source at the sports network indicated that number’s on the high side but it seems to be in the hundreds.

Per Deadspin, their official statement reads:

“We are implementing changes across the company to enhance our continued growth while smartly managing costs. While difficult, we are confident that it will make us more competitive, innovative and productive.”

What’s such a shock is the news seem to have come from out of nowhere. Based on quotes from the insiders who contacted DeadSpin, it caught them completely off guard. It appears the Denver Tech Center was shut down and as per another insider, lay offs today impacted technology groups.

One impacted employee told Deadspin:

“This was just such a surprise. When they did the layoffs in 2009, there were rumors and rumblings, and people sort of prepared themselves and hoped for the best. With the build of DC2, and all the rest of the work going on, and the record profits. There was just absolutely no hint of potential layoffs. No one expects an employer to say, “hey, layoffs are imminent,” but generally employees do get a feel for when a company is going to be in layoff mode, due to earnings, or watching business decisions which are made. Every indication at ESPN has been of a profitable company continuing to expand. The people who’ve been laid off are not the deadweight 10%, a lot of them are the older, higher paid people who are undoubtedly going to be replaced with lower wage, young, new hires.”