ESPN Anchors Share Their Best Twitter Strategies and Favorite Accounts to Follow

ESPN personalities discuss sports for a living and are expected to be up-to-the minute when it comes to their knowledge. And these days, social media is one of the best tools for staying informed. So, who do the top ESPN hosts follow on Twitter?

Scott Van Pelt seems to prefer humorous accounts, while Suzy Kolber prefers beat writers who cover specific teams on a daily basis. In the video above, they admit to everything from "hate following" people to mining Twitter for insights. And one prominent NFL analyst said he logs on for fantasy football advice—just like us. 

ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter has 4.08 million Twitter followers, which is more than President Barack Obama. How did Schefter grow his following? He understands people want football information, not pictures of his dogs. The NFL guru offers valuable advice on growing your own social media presence in the video below.