ESPN Anchor Receives Cancer Diagnosis

Sad news to report. ESPN has announced that anchor Stuart Scott has been diagnosed with cancer.

A malignancy was discovered during emergency appendectomy surgery on November 26. Scott went off the air following the emergency surgery, but Scott and ESPN announced the cancer diagnosis today. Scott will continue to work during chemotherapy (with Mark Jones serving as an on-call replacement) and offered up the following statement to the press:

“Talk about a shocker… But I feel good, am in great hands medically and the doctors are confident they got all the bad stuff. I’m not the type of guy to let this eat up my life. I’ve got strong faith and family and friends who are tackling this with me. I can’t find the words to express how much I appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers. I probably won’t be able to get back to you all; but know it means a ton.”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Scott. The rest of the statement from ESPN after the jump.

Anchor Stuart Scott will return to ESPN Friday night to host the network’s NBA doubleheader and will also host the new NBA studio show on ABC Christmas Day. Scott had to leave the Miami at Pittsburgh NFL game Monday, Nov. 26, to have an emergency appendectomy.

After the surgery it was revealed that his appendix was malignant, and a second, precautionary surgery took place to remove surrounding tissue. Scott’s doctors are confident that they eliminated the cancerous tissue, but have prescribed preventative chemotherapy to ensure a full recovery. Scott will undergo the chemotherapy this winter. Mark Jones will be his primary on-air replacement when needed…

ESPN president George Bodenheimer added: “Stuart is approaching this fight with the same passion and energy we see on air. We’re all encouraged that he is feeling so strong. He knows he has our full support and we look forward to the day when this is all behind him.”