Esotouric Takes the Cain Route


Los Angelenos who have no interest in or connection to the Emmy Awards can solace themselves by taking the James M. Cain tour from Esotouric. Doesn’t this ring true for all of us at one time or another?

Cain’s LA was full of loose women with murder on their minds, lust-drenched cads who’d destroy their lives for a dame, rotten kids, suckers and saps.

The tour spans Cain’s L.A. from Hollywood to Glendale and along old Route 66, and includes Forest Lawn Memorial Park (a Glendale institution and site of the funeral of Mildred Pierce’s “other” daughter, Ray), the Glendale Train Station where the “Double Indemnity” murder plot played out, and a secret Billy Wilder joke location.

Meet on Saturday at Philippe’s at 12:30.

FBLA is waiting for the ritzy dames in bungelowes tour.