Mediaite’s Dan Abrams Fires Back at THR Report*

Exhibit A is today’s Hollywood Reporter item by Eriq Gardner titled “Fashion Photographer Sues Mediaite Over Photographs of Kate Moss’ Sister.” Exhibit B is a response to that article on Mediate from site owner Dan Abrams.

Under the headline “Getting Sued Sucks, But Dealing with a Shady, Hollywood Reporter ‘Journalist’ is Worse,” Abrams bemoans the fact that Gardner went ahead and published the story in the middle of seeking official comment. An email request came in to Abrams a half-hour before the story went live, but some subsequent, more detailed correspondence took place about a half-hour after publication. Writes Abrams:

The Hollywood Reporter story was riddled with errors because Gardner apparently wanted to get this story up quickly, rather than get the story right. Ah, the sweet revenge on the legal analyst.

When confronted with his shenanigans (my exact words were “Wait… You put up the story and then asked for comment? Are you serious?”), Gardner claimed that his ‘team’ “threw up an early version of the story.” Ha. They have big teams over there at the Reporter.

Abrams withheld comment because the THR story was already up. But he writes that he would have otherwise told Gardner the following:

– None of these [plaintiff] pictures appeared on Mediaite. Ever.
– No link ever “went up,” only down.
– Styleite took down the pictures as soon as the lawyers just claimed they were copyrighted.
– The editors even took out the link to another site where they originally found the pictures, when their lawyers added that request as well.

*Update – 07/02/12: Gardner has responded to Abrams via our reader comments, below. He and Abrams have also since exchanged comments in the cited Mediaite item.