Erin Zammett’s (so-called) normal book party

Not many book parties take attendees from choking up to wondering where that girl over there got those fabulous shoes, but Wednesday’s event for Glamour associate editor Erin Zammett‘s memoir, “My (So-Called) Normal Life: How I learned to balance love, work, family, friends…and cancer at 23” at McNally Robinson did just that.

Zammett, who is now 27, read three passages from the book: from the first chapter, about finding out she had leukemia, and having to tell her mother; about Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend (now fianc&#233) Nick, and discussing whether she was going to die; and about finding out her older sister had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. And you thought you had it rough.

Thank goodness, even without reading it we know how it ends: she’s alive and well and her cancer is in complete remission. HOORAY! Which gave attendees an extra reason to drink wine and eat cheese, veggies and delicious mini-quiches.

A male attendee assessed the crowd thusly: “Judging from the obscene amount of very attractive, well-dressed women who wanted nothing to do with me, I’d have to say that there was a pretty big Glamour contingent.” (Zammett confirms that about 30 Ellie winners were indeed there, including editor-at-large Ellen Seidman, currently on maternity leave; writer-at-large Laurie Sandell; features senior editor Lauren Smith Brody; managing editor Susan Goodall; and Zammett’s former boss Alison Brower, who is now executive editor at Redbook.)The book’s publisher, Peter Mayer of The Overlook Press, was also in attendance. Photos of Zammett, cheese, and, weirdly, a signed book by Moby after the jump.

Disclaimer: I have an economic self-interest here because Erin is one of my editors at Glamour and assigns me articles, like “The Good Things About Bad Sex,” which you’re free to not share personal stories about with me, ever. That means you, Wolcott.

Just like at every book party, a camera crew was on hand to capture the event. The crew has been following her around for a documentary about young women who have cancer (after serializing her story in Glamour as it unfolded, becoming a frequent advocate for various cancer organizations and appearing on “Nightline” and “Good Morning America,” Zammett jokes that she’s a “cancerlebrity”).

Zammett signs a book for co-worker Laurie Sandell, who – hello! – bought it. Aw. That’s devotion. And that’s Erin’s mom in the background!

Cheese is delicious!

We discovered that Teany supplies the snacks and bevs in McNally Robinson’s little cafe, signs that Moby’s evil vegan empire is slowly spreading. Another sign: this book of All Things Teany, specially signed by Moby and his partner Kelly Tisdale. We’re just kidding, obviously Teany’s not evil, but we do find it a tad pricey for what you get.