Erin McPike: The FishbowlDC Interview

mcpikephoto.bmp Say hello to National Journal’s Erin McPike.

How many suits do you own? Six, but I don’t own a single thing for black-tie functions.

What word do you routinely misspell? I don’t. Sadly, my No. 1 talent in life is spelling, and is one of my favorite Web sites. “Reports” is a frequent typo.

Did you see Brokeback Mountain? Yes. We wore cowboy costumes to the theater.

Did you see The Da Vinci Code? No, and through Fishbowl interviews I’ve seen that there are approximately three other dissidents on Earth who join me in steadfastly refusing to read the book.

What’s the name of your cell phone ring?One Beep

What time did you get up this morning? 5:30

When did you last cry and why? I don’t tolerate tears. Ick. Except during the series finales of all network TV shows that I’ve ever watched (that doesn’t count as “crying”). We’re talking Friends, Fresh Prince, and the list goes on, and no, I’m not kidding.

Which of the seven deadly sins are you? Given that I’m a young professional in D.C., I’d say a healthy blend of pride and envy goes with the territory, wouldn’t you? Now if you asked me while driving down pothole-wrecked T Street, where yellow Hummer drivers barrel down the numbered streets without seeing the stop signs and come close to plowing into you on a weekly basis, wrath might take over temporarily.

Beach, city or country? City I s’pose. No, definitely. Not a huge fan of the beach unless it’s 7 a.m. and Starbucks comes along. I do like the mountains from time to time.

Would you say you’re cute? Pretty? Hot? Beautiful? Don’t you have some better adjectives to choose from? Those are so mundane. I just thesaurused those, and “pulchritudinous” is the longest synonym I could find. I think you ought to offer that as an option.

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What color is your bathroom? I guess the walls are white.

How many emails do you receive a day, roughly? 150ish

What’s your opinion of New York City? There’s no place like Broadway, and I need deadlines for FAO Schwartz or I’ll never leave.

What’s your favorite letter? I like the sound “ch” a lot.

What single person played the biggest role / had the biggest influence on your journalism career? George Bush, Al Gore and Chris Matthews. Matthews gets the 33.4 percent portion.

Have you ever downloaded a podcast? If so, which one? Not yet

Who’s your all-time favorite American Idol candidate? I plead the fifth, but I watched only seasons 4 & 5, and it’s not Taylor Hicks. (I generally only give reality shows one season, because then the characters you’ve gotten to know are changed and the show loses its intrinsic value.)

When’s the last time you volunteered? Where? Last month here at the Watergate through Atlantic Media’s foundation when I helped out a high school senior with her college essay

Who is your favorite active journalist? Matt Bai, Norah O’Donnell (and, well, a number of those in the Washington Bureau of NBC), Joe Johns, Dan Balz, Jane Hansen (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

What did you have for breakfast? Watergate-flavored coffee black and a Watergate-flavored banana, the very best kind

What’s your favorite item of clothing? I’m not sure, but it’s got to be something from J. Crew, the peerless affection for which I developed and embraced fully years before moving to D.C., and to compromise that would be to compromise my soul. In the words of Alcee, Sorry Haters!

What one toiletry item could you not live without? Contact solution

If you could have one superpower, which one would it be? Flying, or if that’s taken, the power to see the future

Better role model: GIJoe? Barbie? I ripped the heads off of an entire suitcase full of Barbies (well the Barbies; the suitcase didn’t have any heads) that a babysitter brought to me when I was about three “in a stiff rebuke of the gesture,” so I’d say not Barbie. I think I actually preferred the highly energetic and enthusiastic Micro Machines guy!