‘Erin Brockovich’ Carcinogen Hexavelent Chromium Found In LA’s Drinking Water

Great. Just watched Josh Fox’s brilliant documentary “Gasland” about how natural gas extraction is poisoning drinking water across America through a process called “fracking.” Now, a study has just been released by the Environmental Working Group which shows the carcinogen hexavelent chromium, the heavy metal which made residents in Erin Brockovich’s town of Hinkley extremely sick, is present in the drinking water of cities across America. Especially in California. And very noticeably in Los Angeles. Hexavelent chromium levels exceed California’s safety standards of .o6 parts per billion in 25 cities across America, with Los Angeles having the 14th highest levels at .20 PPB. Riverside, meanwhile, had the third highest levels with 1.69 PPB.