Erin Andrews Peephole Scandal Continues To Make News

nypost722.pngFor the second day in a row, The New York Post featured ESPN’s Erin Andrews and her peephole scandal on its cover. Yes, it is newsworthy when anyone — especially a sexy sports reporter — is unknowingly filmed while staying at a hotel, but the invasion of privacy questions that this story raises have echoed through newsrooms. Did the Post breach some ethical code in putting blurry, blacked out photos of Andrews on page one yesterday?

Today, the Post reported that Andrews wants to put the peephole predator behind bars, but will she also seek legal action against those news outlets that publicized the photos of her? In another weird twist, said today that ESPN thinks that the people behind the video tapes were somehow connected to her production team because they were “familiar with Erin’s travel schedule as well as her accommodations.”

Do you think the Post and others — like TMZ, Fox News and CBS — made the right decision in publishing or broadcasting photos or parts of the illicit video? Take our poll and leave your comments below.

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