Erin Andrews Asks Court For Justice

190erin.jpgUber-creep Michael David Barrett pled guilty Tuesday to stalking ESPN reporter Erin Andrews. In an unusual move for a guilty plea hearing, the victim addressed the court, asking Judge Manny Real to give her stalker the maximum possible sentence. From L.A. Daily:

“He stalked me in a calculated way,” Andrews told the court. “I’ve been humiliated. I’ve been embarrassed and my career has been ripped apart.”

According to City News Service, which was inside the courtroom, Andrews said she felt “personally threatened as long as he remains free.”

“I am subject to crude comments,” she added. “I walk into stadiums, and fans make crude comments to me. I have nightmares about this sexual predator.”

Sentencing is February 22. Here’s hoping they throw the book at him.

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