Ericsson ConsumerLab: 2% use Smartphone GPS in Bed in AM

Mashable’s summary of Ericsson ConsumerLabs’ recent report is a good start.

One-Third of Smartphone Users Load Apps Before Getting Out of Bed [STUDY]

The study has a lot more amusing findings, however.

Ericsson ConsumerLab (PDF report)

For example, 2% of people surveyed indicated that they used their GPS before getting out of bed in the morning. No one reported using a GPS in bed before going to sleep. We might infer that everyone know where they go to sleep but a few people are unsure when they wake up.

SMS and Instant Messaging in-bed use flip-flops from morning to evening. More people SMS than IM in bed in the mornings and the reverse is true in the evening.

The biggest use of smartphones in bed is game playing during the evening (20%). Internet use is the next most frequently reported activity for both morning and evening in-bed smartphone use (15% and 17%, respectively).

The biggest finding is the one not highlighted: The vast majority of people (80% or more) do not report using smartphones for these activities while in bed.