Hollywood Trade Ad Pays Off for New Jersey Screenwriter

Eclectic Pictures has optioned an action-horror script tied to the legend of the New Jersey Devil.

When Eric D. Wilkinson took out a full-page ad in the Nov. 20 issue of our sister publication The Hollywood Reporter, he was aiming squarely at Bruce Willis, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura and director Len Wiseman. A month later however, it is a different set of Tinseltown movers and shakers who are being credited with the unlikely happy ending.

Impressed with the ideas pitched in the ad by Wilkinson for the next Die Hard movie, Conor Charles, senior vice president at L.A.’s Eclectic Pictures, contacted the writer-producer to find out about any original scripts he and partner Richard Schenkman might have. Per a recent report on NJ.com, Wilkinson sent back The Devil, an action-horror screenplay about a group of fraternity brothers who discover during a “Hell Night” of initiation that the legend of the New Jersey Devil is all too real:

“Eclectic told me it was one of the highest testing scripts they have covered in a long time, and, long story short, they optioned it,” said Wilkinson…

The Devil will be produced by Charles and Benjamin Scott of Beneficial Entertainment. Heidi Jo Markel, CEO of Eclectic Pictures, will be executive producer for the film.

It probably didn’t hurt that Charles is also a New Jersey native. Yippee ki-yay, @indeeproducer!

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