Freedom Communications President Points to Pair of Shining Newspaper Examples

It’s another momentous day at the Santa Ana, CA headquarters of the Orange County Register. The Eric Spitz-Aaron Kushner regime is celebrating the launch of the Long Beach Register, a new daily newspaper going head-to-head in that region with the Long Beach Press-Telegram.

Spitz is very clear about his belief in website paywalls. He made his case for valuing digital news content alongside Kushner in a recent one-year anniversary Q&A and restates those same basic principles today via Wall Street Journal op ed:

I know of only two major newspaper companies that have not seen significant declines in their subscriber bases in the past decade: The Wall Street Journal and Groupa Reforma, the largest newspaper company in Mexico. The former has never given away its digital content, and the latter erected its first paywall in 2002.

Intriguingly, as former Dow Jones executive Robert Montemayor reminded Mediabistro last year, Rupert Murdoch seriously considered ditching the WSJ paywall in the late 2000s. Today’s Long Beach Register‘s run numbers around 10,000 copies and is being bundled together with the Orange County Register.

In the WSJ article, Spitz also makes some interesting observations about the recent east coast purchases by Jeff Bezos and John Henry. Read his full thoughts here.