Eric Roberts’ Multiple Media Roles

There’s very little vanity left in the career of Oscar nominated actor Eric Roberts. These days, he’s willing to try his hand at pretty much anything, having learned that you just never know what might work.

There’s the role of “American Producer” in the Estonian made 2010 comedy Reality Star, where he plays an LA industry mastermind hired to goose up the ratings of a TV network in that country. His solution? Manufacture a faux, Paris Hilton sex tape style scandal on behalf of one of the channel’s stars.

Currently, Roberts is in Nashville shooting the independent drama Deadline, in which he plays Ronnie Bullock, a grizzled reporter at the fictitious Nashville Times. His role is also that of mentor to a younger journalist (Steve Talley) looking into a decades-old unsolved murder. The movie is based on the book Grievances by former Charlotte Observer journalist Mark Ethridge.

Finally, just the other day, it was announced that Roberts will appear in the upcoming second season of the LA generated web series Vegan 101. According to the press release, Roberts, who is himself a vegan, will play Dr. Eaton Wright (ahem), a holistic practitioner who takes the vegan world by storm with his TV show Eating Right.