And Now for Something Completely Different: Eric Idle Tweets About Scientology

The posts at The Underground Bunker no longer come quite as fast and furiously as they once did, now that gatekeeper Tony Ortega has a day job. Still, when they do, they’re as fun and informative to read as ever.

Today, Ortega recaps a typically surreal Twitter trail. This one involved, earlier in the week, Monty Python member Eric Idle, a Scientologist, Kirstie Alley and more.


From Ortega’s summary:

On Tuesday, as we noted earlier, Idle posted a tweet referring to a man named John Wood who has been recognized in the press as Python’s most dedicated fan. But he’s also one of the UK’s most ardent Scientologists, and after some help exposing Wood by Bunker reader Media Lush, Idle publicly distanced himself from Wood and his latest endeavor, a dating site…

You read that right: a dating site. As the Python gang get ready to re-enter the live comedy stage fray, much has changed. Thanks to social media’s unrivaled ability to concoct strange bedfellows, truth is today much stranger than fiction.

We look forward to many (more?) real-life lumberjacks following Idle and the other Pythons on Twitter as the 2014 reunion tour ramps up. Meanwhile, to view a full rundown of that Idle-Alley-Wood Twitter exchange, check Ortega’s item.