eReatah Introduces eBook Subscription Service

Looking for a way to enjoy multiple eBooks a month? Check out eReatah, a new subscription eBook service that lets you check out eBooks every month and read them on an iOS or Android app.

You can sign up for various tiers of plans — 2 books a month for $14.99, 3 books a month for $22.50, or 4 books a month for $29.99. Once you check out a book, you own access to the book. The platform boasts an 80,000 book library. It’s  more expensive than Oyster, which offers unlimited eBooks for $9.99 a month and has 100,000 titles in its library.

eReatah has a recommendation engine that will recommend books based on others that you have read. There are also social sharing features, so you can connect with your friends within the service. If you refer friends, you get a $5 credit.