eReaders Star In Popular TV Shows

eReaders are officially mainstream. And it’s not just Amazon’s vague sales numbers that tell us this. The devices are popping up left and right on television shows and are even getting written into the story lines.

NBC comedy The Office featured a Kobo in an episode about bookstores, the Kindle has shown up on The Cleveland Show, Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory, and President Barack Obama even mentioned “digital textbooks” in his State of the Union address.

Beyond Black Friday even noticed some interesting dialog involving the Kindle in a recent episode of Joss Whedon’s sci-fi thriller series Dollhouse. Here is more from the blog: “It’s set in the future, and Patton Oswalt warns a character about what are now some very serious legal complications. But instead of saying “They’ll throw the book at you,” he warns that “They’ll throw the Kindle at you!” One fan called it “a line that only Joss Whedon would try or could pull off.””