eReaders Fail in College

Amazon is going to be mad at its undergrad, the Kindle DX, which didn’t do so well in studies conducted at several colleges, including Princeton and the University of Virginia. Participating students at these universities were given Kindle DXs and asked to rate the device as a study tool.

According to an article in USA Today, the biggest problems that students had with the Kindle is difficulty highlighting and making notes. If you’ve ever tried to type anything on Kindle’s pokey keypad, you understand why.

Here’s a rather condemning excerpt from the article: “Because it was difficult to take notes on the Kindle, because PDF documents could not be annotated or highlighted at all, and because it was hard to look at more than one document at once, the Kindle was occasionally a tool that was counter-productive to scholarship,” said folks at Princeton.

The next big question is whether iPad will be any different. What do you think?