eReaders’ Effects on Books vs. News

BayNewser speaker_joshuabenton_100x100.jpghas also been covering the eBook Summit, adding to what GalleyCat and eBookNewser have been posting.

Blogger E.B. Boyd discussed Steve Haber of Sony’s notion of the business of cannibalizing and Google Books’ eReader Gamble.

Most compellingly, Boyd got a nice snippet from a longer talk Joshua Benton (of Harvard’s Nieman Journalism Lab): “”For books, the Kindle is a market creator: The people who buy a Kindle, after they buy a Kindle, they buy a lot more books … I have the Kindle iPhone app, and I have bought books that I would not have bought otherwise … But in the news world, do people read more news because of the Kindle? Are people more likely to pay for news because it comes on a Kindle? I think the answer is no. I think the Kindle is a market segmenter [not a market creator]”