Erdos & Morgan: The Spin Begins

The latest Erdos & Morgan Opinion Leaders Survey is out.

What is it? A survey of various politicians and Capitol Hill staffers about which publications they read. The results are used not only for bragging rights, but also to set ad rates.

In other words: All of the Capitol Hill publications follow it very closely, even though its methodology frequently gets criticized. (The reality is that the survey is far from perfect nor completely accurate, but it remains: The only thing around.)

The results will all start leaking out (email us here or drop us an anonymous tip), but what we’re hearing thus far:

  • Politico is out with a release stating that “Our print edition scored NUMBER ONE in total readership among opinion leaders nationally. It is also among the top read publications on Capitol Hill at a time when all other Capitol Hill publications lost readership.”

  • That CQ finished last among congressional opinion leaders.

    More to come, I’m sure…

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