EPub: Info and Opinion on the eBook Standard

Steve Jobs’ announcement that iBooks will use the EPub standard may be EPub’s biggest moment in the spotlight so far, even though the standard, developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) several years ago, has been in use with many of the popular eReader apps and devices (Stanza, Sony Reader, Nook, and others). Many people probably heard the word “EPub” for the first time from Jobs.

Sunday, TUAW posted a handy introduction to the EPub format, with information about the standard’s uses as well as how to convert files to EPud (look out for more on this in our “Making of an eBook series).

Then, outspoken eBook blogger Mike Cane posted this tirade in which he bets that Apple won’t make iBooks a particularly open platform, despite using the open EPub standard: he speculates “you won’t be able to transfer your current Sony Reader ePubs to the iPad,” for instance.

So is Apple’s adoption of EPub big news or no news?