Report: Teens on Facebook love Eminem, seniors prefer Taylor Swift


You may not be able to afford to hire household name musicians as spokespeople for your Facebook page, but you can definitely tap into customers’ interest in certain performers for your marketing strategy.

A report just released by ePrize, a digital engagement agency, gives marketers and company decision makers plenty of fodder to establish commonality with their clients. Some of the Facebook-relevant data includes:

  • Those under 18 who liked an artist preferred Eminem (35.5%), followed by Katy Perry (34.9%) and Taylor Swift (33.9%).
  • Taylor Swift was liked by 18.7% of those ages 33-44 who preferred an artist, followed by Maroon 5 (15.5%) and Adele (14.9%)
  • The 55 and over crowd also preferred Swift (17%) followed by Lady Antebellum (11.7%) and Maroon 5 (11.3%).

The report also breaks down data on other pop culture likes on Facebook. For example, men and women share four of the top six liked TV shows on Facebook including:

  • The Ellen DeGeneres Show ranks #1 for women but #6 for men
  • Family Guy ranks #1 for men and #4 for women
  • Spongebob Square Pants is #5 for men and #3 for women
  • The Walking Dead is #3 for men and #6 for women.

Another area of interest to marketers and other company decision makers is retail preference. According to the ePrize report, preferences are as follows:

  • Target is the No. 1 liked big box retailer across all ages, except for those under 18, who prefer Walmart.
  • Those under 18 were also the only age group that did not rank Amazon in its top 10 likes. In fact, all other age groups ranked the retailer #2 (ages 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, and 55+) or #3 (ages 18-24)
  • The only home improvement store to make the various lists is Lowe’s that was ranked #10 by ages 25-34 and 35-44, #8 by those 45-54 and #7 by those 55+.

Until now, the only accessible Facebook data was so raw it was almost impossible to break it into usable portions, said Matt Kates, VP of Strategic Services for ePrize:

If you don’t really know who these people are, it’s hard to create a strong relationship. It’s like going on blind dates all the time, searching for common ground. … You might not be able to hire Taylor Swift as a spokesperson, but you can build commonality by saying something like ‘Relax with a cup of our coffee and listen to Taylor Swift’s new album.’

Read the report here.

Image courtesy of the Taylor Swift Facebook page