Chilly Editing Suite All Part of the EPIX-NHL Grind

Manhattan team is led by a 52-time Sports Emmy winner

This is pretty funny. At the top of senior writer Dan Rosen’s look at the 24-person EPIX crew slaving away under very tight deadlines in Manhattan to piece together the cable channel’s one-hour weekly offering Road to the NHL Stadium Series, there is this detail:

Producers in one of the four edit rooms are sifting through hours upon hours of footage while wearing winter coats because for some reason that no one can figure out, the heat in that particular edit room is not working properly this morning.

Seems pretty appropriate, doesn’t it? Another funny detail is that the EPIX crew’s HQ, Vidiots Inc., shares the same basic name as the west coast video store recently rescued by Larry Ellison’s daughter Megan. Given that the current rotation of this series focuses on the Los Angeles Kings and San Jose Sharks, that also seems appropriate. From Rosen’s piece:

“The hardest part about this show is time, you just don’t have the time,” said coordinating producer Johnson McKelvy. “But from top to bottom this group is the best group I have ever worked with, and having Ross [Greenburg] at the helm is amazing. He demands that we tell great stories, and that is critical to what we do.”

Greenburg is the godfather for this form of television. He’s a 52-time Sports Emmy winner who crafted and developed the critically acclaimed Hard Knocks and 24/7 series’ during his time with HBO Sports.

Since December 1, when the series began with Road to the NHL Winter Classic (Hawks, Capitals), McKelvy has had two days off, one being Christmas Day. Read the rest of the article here.

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