Epic PR Fail, Part 2: Carnival Triumph Images Emerge

Things just keep getting worse for Carnival Cruise Lines today, don’t they? Here are a couple of wow-level updates from the Associated Press:

Now we hear that passengers probably won’t be able to leave the ship until the “wee hours Friday morning.

And we know Carnival‘s PR team is going to love these images. They’re wishing the smartphone had never been invented:

Courtesy of the Associated Press and passenger Kalin Hill

Courtesy of ABC affiliate KOCO in Oklahoma City

Courtesy of Jimmy Orr of the Los Angeles Times

Courtesy of passenger Clark Jones

How could this episode possibly get any worse? Just wait ’til they reach the shore. Can you say “class action lawsuit”? We can’t imagine how many lawyers are waiting in the port right now! No amount of hush money will stop the stream of (completely justified) customer service complaints.

We do have one question, though: Who goes on cruises? Seriously–we’ve never done it.

UPDATE: Hey, at least this clip is kind of sweet.