Epic Games opens Impossible Studios, working on Infinity Blade: Dungeons

Epic Games, the AAA console developer behind the hit iOS franchise Infinity Blade, appears to be expanding its mobile development pool with Impossible Studios, its new Maryland-based development team.

Although staffed and lead by console industry veterans from the now defunct Big Huge Games, according to Epic’s press release, Impossible’s first project will be the hotly anticipated Infinity Blade: Dungeons.

Originally announced at GDC, Infinity Blade: Dungeons will be the third game in the Infinity Blade franchise. The original Infinity Blade was the first iOS game to use Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 proved it was possible to generate console quality graphics on mobile devices. So far both titles in the series have been well received — racking up numerous awards and positive reviews — and immensely profitable. In December Epic revealed the franchise had generated more than $30 million in revenue, with Infinity Blade II earning more than $5 million in its first month of release alone, despite being a premium, paid app with a relatively expensive $6.99 price tag.

Epic reports Infinity Blade: Dungeons was conceived at its Cary, North Carolina headquarters, and the title is being developed by Impossible in collaboration with Epic and Chair Entertainment, the Epic Games-owned studio responsible for developing the first two entries in the Infinity Blade franchise. The title is scheduled for release in the iTunes App Store later in the year.