Epic Games, Chair Entertainment’s Infinity Blade II Rides High in the App Store

Released nearly one year ago, the original Infinity Blade from Epic Games and developer Chair Entertainment has been one of the most successful gaming titles on the iOS platform. Now its sequel, Infinity Blade II, has just come out after being promised by the pair of companies and Apple at the iPhone 4S launch three months ago.

The first Infinity Blade was the fastest-selling iOS app of all time upon its release, earning more than $1.6 million during its first four days on sale. Infinity Blade II looks like it will repeat this success, having already reached the No. 1 spot on the App Store’s top-selling and top-grossing iOS game charts. The universal app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad sells for $6.99.

Infinity Blade II improves on the first release in a number of ways, both in gameplay and technology. The game brings back the one-on-one, swiping-based swordplay. There’s also dodging, blocking, which are enhanced with new two-sword, two-hand, and sword-and-shield fighting styles. There are also more diverse enemies and a revamped upgrade system.

Like the first game, this one lets users upgrade their weapons, armor, shields and artifacts using gold they acquire throughout the levels and by winning in combat. Weapons can now be augmented using up to three gems, imbuing them with elemental powers. Gold can once again be purchases for real money using in-app purchases, but the game can be played in its entirety without requiring such purchases.

Chair Entertainment has made great strides when it comes to presentation in Infinity Blade II, producing a title that is on par with most console and full-priced portable releases. Storyline was a major focus for the developer, and the new title features more of a plot than the first, with more dialogue and full voice acting. Of course, the Unreal Engine 3-powered game has a lot going for it visually and appears to push Apple’s mobile hardware to the limit with its console-quality graphics. Like the first game, Infinity Blade II features visuals specifically enhanced for the newer-generation iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. However, it’s still playable on older devices, albeit without as much graphical flair.

The game includes a number of Game Center achievements to unlock, and utilizes Apple’s social gaming platform to provide leaderboard information comparing players’ scores to those of their friends on a global level, as well. Chair is planning a feature called “Clashmob,” which will add social challenges to the game for rewards and in-game items in a future free update. It will allow players to participate in group challenges and share their successes on Facebook and Twitter.

The developer also intends to expand Infinity Blade II with free future updates including new titans and bosses to battle, along with new areas, weapons and items.

Chair Entertainment was founded in 2005 by brothers Donald and Geremy Mustard. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, it operates as a subsidiary of console gaming juggernaut Epic Games. Chair’s first console release was Undertow for Xbox Live Arcade, followed by the commercially and critically successful XBLA title Shadow Complex.

You can follow Infinity Blade II’s progress using AppData, our tracking service for mobile games and developers.

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