Epic Games announces Infinity Blade III for iOS

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games has announced the finale of the Infinity Blade trilogy, appropriately titled Infinity Blade III. The third game in the franchise looks to top its predecessors in every way, being the first game to utilize Apple’s new 64-bit A7 chip which comes in the upcoming iPhone 5S.

Infinity Blade III follows Siris on a final quest to defeat the “Worker of Secrets,” who controls an army of Titans and wants to destroy the entire world. The game features a new female companion (and playable character) named Isa, who offers a different fighting style. She’s more quick and nimble, using a crossbow to damage enemies from afar before jumping into a full battle.

Players will have access to a home base called the Hideout. From here, players will launch new quests, craft potions, and manipulate gems and mastered items. In addition to the single-player campaign, the game features an update to the ClashMob feature first found in Infinity Blade II.

The ClashMob offers week-long challenges, while Daily Trials will test players’ skills once per day, rewarding successful warriors with Gold or Battle Chips. Finally, Aegis Tournaments will see players comparing their high scores against others to move on to later stages.

Image via Epic Games

“It’s been amazing to see the continued success of Infinity Blade and to have the ability to tell a complex story across different mediums, using a single device we take wherever we go,” said Infinity Blade III Creative Director Donald Mustard. “We’re so proud of Infinity Blade III and feel it not only offers a powerful finale to the series, but also gives mobile gaming another giant push forward.”

Infinity Blade III will launch on iOS on September 18 for $6.99. The app will be available on the new iPhone 5C and 5S, as well as iPhone 4+, iPad 2+, iPad Mini and iPod Touch 4 and 5.