Epic Dragons: Create your own levels in this upcoming tower defense game


Upcoming tower defense game Epic Dragons will see players taking control of an army of dragons on iOS and Android, as they’re encouraged to not only complete the game’s storyline, but also create levels of their own to share with friends. The game will offers nine dragons and 12 different creatures at launch, but is set to expand upon itself forever thanks to its level editor.

Levels in Epic Dragons will offer dynamic environments, with set pieces that change as enemies pass certain triggers on the map. This may see them opening up new pathways that now need to be monitored, or otherwise increasing the strategy necessary to successfully complete the stage.

Epic Dragons will feature 60 base levels across multiple themes and environments. The game’s level editor will offer players the same basic tools the developers use to create stages, allowing them to design levels with their favorite themes, traps, map-changing triggers, enemies and more.

User-created levels can be shared with the community and rated by others. In theory, so long as the game has an active community, it will continue to offer fresh content because of these stages.

Epic Dragons is set for release on iOS and Android soon. The game will be free-to-play, and will offer in-app purchases. Check out the game’s trailer below.