EPA Head Hits Reddit to Promote New Climate Initiative


It appears to be official: when you have a campaign to promote and would like to do a little bit of that old-fashioned engagement with the public, Reddit is the place to be. It’s not just for reputation management.

Yesterday EPA administrator Gina McCarthy hit the AMA section to answer questions about President Obama‘s new regulations on C02 emissions.

How did she do?

The overall results were something of a mixed bag. Unfortunately, there’s no satisfying answer to the most important question:


Other users were predictably critical of her (admittedly general) answers to more specific questions:


Here’s another very important one…and another “we’re working on it” answer:


Unfortunately, there’s only so much detail one can go into on these matters. Here’s the most important one from a PR perspective:


Some fellow politicians got in on the action with a bit of professional trolling:


But it all came down to the most important questions:


Based on these interchanges, we have to say that the value of the AMA is somewhat limited when it comes to such complex matters. And McCarthy’s answers indicate that there’s only so much she can say to inquisitive Redditors thanks to both the nature of her position and the extremely complex problem she’s addressing.

But was it worth her time? Absolutely.

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