Entrepreneurial Journo Proposes Performance Pay Plan

Bill Freehling, a business reporter at the Fredericksburg (Va.) Free Lance-Star, started producing a daily business e-newsletter last month, on top of his regular reporting duties.

He’s not getting paid extra for ‘Fredericksburg Business Insider,’ and indeed he “didn’t ask for or want any salary increase for the additional workload.”

What Freehling proposed to bosses was that he get a cut of any ad revenue the newsletter brings in.

“I just wanted to benefit off any new revenue that my hard work was bringing the company,” he told Talking Biz News. “If it prospered, we both benefited. If it didn’t prosper, nobody was out anything.”

Since Freehling isn’t getting any more money from affiliate links or companies he writes about, this seems like a pretty ethical plan. But he must be betting on bringing in a lot of ad revenue if he chose this option instead of asking for a raise.

“I think such a structure attracts people with an entrepreneurial spirit who want to be rewarded based on performance,” he said. “I think incentives drive excellence in all work environments, and there is no reason reporters can’t be in that same boat.”