Entitlement Strikes Again

If you feel entitled at work, you’re much more likely to lash out at coworkers or be dissatisfied with your job, according to a new study in the category of “How Did They Get Funding For This?”
Paul Harvey and Kenneth J Harris, of University of New Hampshire and Indiana University Southeast respectively, studied 223 employees and found that the employees that had big egos and unrealistic expectations of praise were more likely to engage in office politics and coworker abuse—like spreading rumors, breaking promises, and sucking up to their bosses more.
The entitled employees weren’t soothed by hearing from their bosses, either: “relatively high levels of supervisor communication reduced job frustration for less-entitled employees but exacerbated the frustration reported by those with stronger entitlement perceptions,” the study says.
Incredibly enough, the participants in this study were not all Millennials—these entitled a-holes were 42 years old on average and had been at their jobs an average of 10 years.
photo: debaird(tm)