Entertainment Weekly’s Managing Editor Discusses iPad App

Jess Cagel, Managing Editor of Entertainment Weekly, says in an Ad Age interview that EW‘s Must List iPad app is a hit with readers because it allows them to engage in an immediate and meaningful way.

The app is a digital version of the popular Must List, which features pop culture picks from the magazine’s editors. Cagle says that magazine staffers figured out quickly that the list was the best way to go when creating their iPad app:

We felt it was really critical to leverage the capabilities of the iPad, and that’s a primary reason we decided to launch with the Must List app. It’s a popular print feature that translates extremely well to a digital platform, where users can act immediately on our recommendations with one tap. Plus, from a development perspective, it was a manageable concept for us to deliver a quality, useful experience in a very short production window.

Seems like a smart strategy for an app to us.

Cagel tells Ad Age that even though the app is in its infancy, updates are already on the way. He  also says that it’s not necessarily the biggest celebrity news that gets the most attention from readers, sometimes it’s an indie band or some obscure website.

So keep writing that blog about socks that look like presidents, you never know when your time to shine will come.