Entertainment Pages Are This Week's Most Explosive

This week's list of the most explosive pages on Facebook includes a recently released film, a burlesque model and a couple of hot music acts.

This week’s list of the most explosive pages on Facebook includes a recently released film plus a couple of hot music acts. We base these rankings on our own in-depth page statistics that you can explore in more depth right here.

Facebook’s Most Explosive Pages

Name # Of Fans Daily Growth Weekly Growth
1. Pirates of the Caribbean Deutschland 219,834 148 205,114
2. Dita Von Teese 232,358 328 197,050
3. Hebron Book 190,449 237 165,627
4. Wicked, the Musical 560,719 328 152,712
5. Renato Zero 281,609 619 150,605
6. Medyaspor 190,096 7,767 124,040
7. Rilo Kiley 148,804 227 113,687
8. Arby’s 515,253 2,100 80,346
9. M6 258,706 892 78,400
10. Universal Studios Hollywood 113,875 228 76,496

While the film’s page in the U.S. has well over 5 million fans, the release of the fourth installment to the franchise has the German version of Pirates of the Caribbean topping our list. The interactive page finished the week with an increase totaling 205,114 users. Not far behind, in third place, Hebron Book takes a leap forward with 165,627 likes tallied.

The recent announcement that Renato Zero‘s DVD topped the charts has his social network home buzzing; an additional 150,605 likers have helped the Italian songwriter skyrocket to the center of the countdown.

On the television: In Turkey, media outlet Medyaspor saw a hefty weekly growth increase of 124,040 as the sports channel secures the sixth position. France’s M6 has clips and news surrounding all of its programs; 78,400 viewers are now tuned into the channel on the television and Facebook.

Burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese has been exploding in popularity in recent months, and she seems to be seeing similar success on our countdown this week. The celebrity comes in second accruing 197,050 new social networkers to tap the like button on her official page.

Music from Wicked was recently featured on a number of television shows, and the masses headed towards the social network to discuss both appearances. The page successfully takes fourth place with a 152,712 seven day increase.

Indie rock band Rilo Kiley‘s presence on Facebook is almost entirely filled with chattering fans, and offers little in the way of actual updates surrounding the group. The page still manages to have an excellent week moving into the seventh spot with a 113,687 weekly growth total.

Arby’s creative “Chicken Salad Taste-Off” promotion helped raise money for charity, and it helped raise their fan total by 80,346. The fast food chain secures the eighth position.

Universal Studios Hollywood closes out our list as their Facebook site is an interactive page filled with updates about the latest happenings at the theme park; an extra 76,496 people will now be clued on the latest rides and deals.

Readers, did you find yourself visiting any of the pages listed this week?