Entertainment, Food and Big Names in This Week’s Top 20 Facebook Pages

Zynga is back on top of our list of the Facebook Pages that gained the most new fans over the last week. So are a handful of movies, more musicians, some food and a bunch of big brand names. These numbers come from Inside Facebook’s PageData tool.

Top Gainers This Week
Name Fans Gain Gain, %
1.Texas Hold’em Poker14,188,471+693,046+5.14
2.Mafia Wars10,271,284+380,157+3.84
3.Converse All Star2,399,071+315,468+15.14
4.Papa John’s Pizza1,112,684+293,107+35.76
5.Pirates of the Caribbean896,438+264,439+41.84
6.The Artifice3,095,279+194,782+6.72
7.National Guard394,328+154,992+64.76
8.Justin Bieber2,174,128+121,571+5.92
10.Lady Gaga5,684,096+117,414+2.11
13.Mozilla Firefox971,520+104,051+11.99
15.Selena Gomez3,898,738+101,222+2.67
16.Alice in Wonderland1,152,339+100,832+9.59
18.REMEMBER ME505,946+85,595+20.36
20.The Twilight Saga5,266,537+83,060+1.60

Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker is at number 1 with 693,000 new fans and Mafia Wars in second place with 380,000. Interestingly, some cross-promoting has started to pop-up on Texas Hold’em Poker’s Page for Mafia Wars; both games saw steady growth over the past week and Poker has more than 14 million fans now. FaceMoods, a Page with emoticons, landed twelfth place partly due to a like page consolidation of 47,000 fans on Saturday.

Converse All Star’s Page was on the list again this week, in third place, with almost no daily growth except for surges of probable page consolidations of 142,500 on Wednesday and almost 154,000 on Thursday. The Page’s total growth for the week was 315,468 fans.

Fourth place takes us to the food, Papa John’s Pizza grew by 293,000 fans to its current 1.1 million fan base, in large part due to a surge of 53,000 on Tuesday and almost 206,000 on Saturday, both likely due to Page consolidations. Another food Page and Top 20 regular, Starbucks, took the number 17 spot this week with 6.2 million fans, 86,000 of whom joined this past week, 35,000 of them probably consolidated on Saturday.

Then there were the movies.

Pirates of the Caribbean took the number 5 spot, growing 264,000 fans to a total fan base of 896,438; considering that growth was mostly flat and this is an older movie, additions were probably consolidations of about 69,000 on Friday and 194,000 on Saturday. Redbox, the fan Page for the convenient automated video stores was eleventh in fan growth this week, growing by almost 117,000 fans (the bulk of it, 91,000, on Saturday) to bring the total to 174,000.

Alice in Wonderland,” saw steady growth and was number 16, growing by 100,800 fans to 1.1 million, probably because it was the top movie at the box office this past weekend. “Remember Me” at 18 with 85,000 more fans for a total of about 506,000 also raked in the dough at the box office while The Twilight Saga’s Page grew by 83,000 to land at number 20 and currently has upwards of 5 million fans. Twilight may have grown due to the release of the next installment’s trailer and two of the stars have movies either in theaters now (see number 18) or soon to be released (“The Runaways”).

A few popular musicians made the list again this week. Teen idol Justin Bieber at number 8 with growth of 121,500 fans and now pushing 2.2 million fans probably grew because he’s touring, promoting his upcoming album and one of his songs was set to hit iTunes this week. Lady Gaga, who premiered her “Telephone” video to much fanfare this week, was at number 10 with an increase of 117,000 fans, bringing her total to almost 5.7 million.