Entertain Your Child With Your iPhone

It seems as though almost every evening I drive behind an SUV that has a DVD playing to entertain the kids in the back seat while mom or dad are driving around town. It sounds like a nice way to keep the kids occupied, but what if your car doesn’t come equipped with a DVD player? You could buy children books on CD or borrow them from a library to play in the car, but what to do when you forget to get a CD?

If you own an iPhone you could download Tales2Go from the iTunes App Store. Tales2Go has a nice library of stories that stream to an iPhone. When you first install the application you will get a free 30 day evaluation, after which it will cost $24.99 for an annual subscription. Right now the application is only available for the iPhone, but you can sign up for notification of when it becomes available on other phones at the company’s web site.

Because Tales2Go streams audio to the iPhone, it requires a data connection. You might want to test playback during your route to make sure the story won’t be interrupted along the way. I know there is nothing worse than not knowing how the story ends and having to wait hours to hear the ending.